Real Clients. Real Stories.

Vivek A.

"The purchase we just concluded was one of the most challenging and out of ordinary by any standards. During the long-drawn-out process, Astha very patiently worked with us, promptly responding to never-ending seller issues, and guiding us along the way. Her calm and professional demeanor helped us keep our sanity. She took time to understand our needs, patiently guided us through the selection of the right property, helping us understand the pros-n-cons in every case. Astha was always available for any visit, and, or consultations. From making an offer to the close of escrow, and beyond; Astha still continues to help and guide us during the move-in phase. We believe we now have a very close family friend in Astha."


"Our home search was pretty long. We searched for our 'perfect' home for almost 2.5 yrs and Astha has been very cooperative and very responsive all the while. It was our first home and we had tons of questions and fears. Astha was always there for us all the time to answer any questions we had and she always paid attention to what we wanted, even the tiny details. When asked for her opinion on any house, she always gave an unbiased opinion. She is very dedicated, sometimes she has spent all night going through the inspection reports for us. If you are looking for an approachable, professional, and knowledgeable person to help with your Real Estate needs, we highly recommend Astha."


"Had an awesome experience working with Astha. She worked with us at every step right from the time we decided to put the home on the market to the point until we moved out 2 months after closing the deal (rent-back period). She helped with the market survey to understand the correct pricing, help with setup of the home, was very considerate during open houses with timings and hosting. One very impressive feature about Astha is that she is always practical and true in providing her opinion and does not sweet talk to you like other Brokers. I and my wife both sincerely appreciate her time and working along with us to make it happen so smoothly."


"It was fantastic working with Astha on the purchase of our new home. She put a lot of effort and consideration throughout the process. She brought not only professionalism and patience towards our purchase but also knowledge and insight. In every step of the way, she gained our trust and confidence. She exceeded all our expectations in negotiations, inspection, and closing. We also appreciate her referral to a handyman we could use to repair things in the house. Highly recommend Astha's service. She was a pleasure to work with."


"We had a fantastic experience with Astha and would recommend her in a heartbeat. Astha was patient, very responsive, had a wonderful knowledge of the area, and went over and above to ensure we got what we wanted. Loved that she never pushed us to go over a price point that we were comfortable with. Also, she continues to help us with recommendations to handymen, plumbers, painters, etc, which I wouldn't expect from a Real Estate agent. Thanks for a wonderful experience with this once-in-a-lifetime purchase, Astha."

Poornima D.

"Buying a home, especially in the Bay Area, can be a harrowing experience. Astha was very helpful through the entire process: patient and ever watchful for our needs. She would always make herself available (late evenings) whenever we wanted to discuss our changing needs. She never pushed us, but was always empathetic and helped us. When we did finally buy our home, we were convinced that she was representing our best interests. We wanted a Realtor®, we found a friend."


"Astha helped us to get the kind of home that we needed. She is very knowledgeable, has contacts with architects, building contractors if needed, helped us walk through the process to buy a home, and took care of everything such as checking with Cupertino city for tree removal in the property, building permit, getting an arborist, and, etc. Our experience in working with Astha was excellent and strongly recommend her for anyone looking for a Real Estate agent."

Shanu M.

"Astha is an absolutely wonderful person to work with. This is the second property she has helped us buy and I always recommend her to potential buyer/seller friends. Astha is very knowledgeable and provided us with sound advice throughout the process. She knew exactly what we were looking for and guided us in finding and finalizing the property. Astha is a very sincere person who would go miles to make things happen for her clients. Thanks, Astha."


"Astha has helped us with both, buying our first home and also selling that home 3 years later. When we decided to sell our home recently we didn't think twice before asking her to be our agent because of the experience and Real Estate knowledge she has especially in the bay area market. Her negotiation skill and efficiency are top-notch. I would recommend Astha to anyone who wants a pleasant experience buying or selling your home."

Shakti M.

"Astha is very professional, clear in communication, and has a great sense of design in case you are looking to remodel. She is definitely a great asset to have as a REALTOR® as she knows the areas and the schools very well and she understands what the customer needs and at the same time gives us space to think without being pushy. We really enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her services."


"Astha was great to work with. She kept our house-buying needs in mind when showing us houses and was not afraid to give her opinion on the houses we were looking at. She was great at offering suggestions and insight to the homes and it made it easy to decide. Astha was also patient with us as we explored the area, and was always ready to go look at another house."


"Astha is a REALTOR® with a lot of patience. She never rushed us into getting 'some' house. That is the reason we are in our dream house today and enjoying it the most. She is very responsive to any of our concerns and throws more light into the subject matter. Though we were first-time house owners she made our house hunting experience memorable and cherished."


"Astha was very responsive to us throughout the process: she was very available to show houses, and even after closing and taking possession of the house, she has answered many new homeowner questions. She was patient with our slow process of deciding what we wanted. She is thoroughly professional, but also warm and considerate. I would highly recommend her."


"Selling a home, especially when you live 2,500 miles from the property, can be a nerve-racking experience. However, if you fortunate enough to find an experienced and caring REALTOR® to represent you, well, your life just got easier. We found that REALTOR® in Astha Mathur. Smart, great communicator, and personable. We highly recommend her."


"Astha is an energetic, bright, and intelligent agent. She is well-mannered and an easy person to work with. She helped me purchase a property that required some negotiations, which she skillfully accomplished. The property has increased in value by 20% in two years. I would strongly recommend Astha to anyone as a really great REALTOR®."

Sudhir S.

"Astha is very knowledgeable and very thorough in her job. She worked tirelessly with us for over 10 months before we could find the right property for us. A thorough professional with tons of patience. An absolute pleasure to work with. We would never have ended up with this property without Astha."

Chitta G.

"Astha was instrumental in getting my theme home; in this first-time home hunting, she understood my requirements and took me to the right or desirable places; I never felt stretched out or being pushed for a specific home that she showed us. In summary, a nice experience indeed."

Eesha G.

"Astha is too good a human being. This made our house-buying experience very enjoyable. She is reliable and dependable. Right from selecting a property to negotiations to documentation formalities to completing handover was hassle-free. Credit goes to Astha."


"We were really lucky to have Astha working on our side when we were buying our house. She was always available for any questions and issues during the whole process which included loans and other steps."


"Astha was an invaluable and trusted guide through every aspect of selling our home. She helped us navigate the process from the initial steps through the close of escrow, guiding and advising us each step of the way. She also helped us find contractors and other specialists, and through the Concierge program, she was an excellent project manager, keeping projects on track with grace and efficiency. Astha also rolled up her sleeves and pitched in to help clear out the house. I'm grateful for her skills as a REALTOR®, her expertise in getting a home ready for sale, and her sensitivity and encouragement during the entire process, which helped us feel motivated and supported. I highly recommend Astha. It turned what might have been a stressful process into an empowering venture with a success."